Right People, Right Machines, Right Results


Who is Sesi?

Sesi Pty Ltd is an industry leader in mechanical vegetation management and consultancy.

We are a wholly Australian owned and operated company with over 25 years of industry experience. 

We are an equal opportunity employer, with around 20 specialist operators and personnel currently engaged on projects around Australia, and others participating in employee exchange relationships. 

In our employ is one of the world's leading consulting experts in vegetation management systems and methodologies with many papers written, delivered and published on this subject worldwide.

Sesi has one of the most extensive ranges of equipment in Australia including: purpose built mulching tractor units, excavator mulching units and many other specialised items of machinery, attachments and equipment.

Our company has performed some of the largest land clearing, land conversion and land reinstatement projects worldwide, and we have now expanded our interests to include both civil construction and the resources sector. 

Why Choose Sesi?

We value our client relationships, and to this end we do our very best to ensure complete client satisfaction through listening, openly communicating, and applying innovative approaches to achieve the milestones and desired outcomes of your project. 

Through consultation, we will identify the most efficient and cost effective methods and systems to resolve any vegetation problems that you may have, whilst delivering a superior end product for your project.

We have many established business partner relationships which allow us to offer sustainable and cost recoverable solutions for production timber generated during the life of the project, including the incorporation of such timber into your new infrastructure.

We can offer complete package deals from vegetation maintenance to high speed broad-acre clearing; road maintenance and track refurbishment to fire trail restoration and major construction projects.

Our team specialises in difficult country, and are expert in overcoming obstacles such as mountainous and rocky terrain, unexploded ordinances, water courses and environmentally or culturally sensitive terrain.

Longevity is our strongest testimonial. If you want it done right the first time, then you want it done by Sesi...