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Integrated Management System

Sesi utilises a comprehensive IMS to ensure our business is operating at peak performance and cost efficiency, whilst demonstrating our commitment to stakeholder satisfaction and continuous improvement.

Our Methodologies and Standard Operating Procedures are subject to regular review in order to maintain our position as leaders in our field, and to honour our commitment to a Zero Harm work environment.


The Benefits of our Methodologies

Mulch acts as an excellent fire break, therefore the best choice for fire trail maintenance and restoration.

Eliminates the need for stump grinding as our operators grub out root systems as part of our process. 

Grubbing out of stumps eliminates vegetation re-growth, however vegetation can be mulched to ground level and the rootstock left intact if re-vegetation of the area is desirable.

Reduces litigation issues such as potential staking to livestock, personnel, contractors, general public and vehicles through the removal of root systems.

Erosion is controlled as the mulch acts as a barrier stabilising the soil, even on steep terrain. Mulching can  stabilise or arrest existing erosion problems.

Utilising best pratice methods and fit-for-purpose machinery in combination to guarantee cost efficiency and expedient completion of works for your project.

Allows vehicular access, reducing maintenance down time and costs.

The most environmentally sustainable methods and finishes in the market.