Right People, Right Machines, Right Results


Sesi has its own micro-light aircraft for scoping the terrain ahead of the machines or identifying hazards.
The aerochute is the safest aircraft available as it has a parachute as a wing which is always open so if the engine stalls the aircraft just glides back to the ground.
This machine has a very low stall speed add can fly straight and level at 15km to 20km making it the ideal platform for survey, reconnaissance or photographic work.
The aerochute only needs 50 metres to take off and land so it can be easily deployed from dirt tracks, easements or flat paddocks and is a two seater.


Preparing the Aerochute for take off



We can scope land that we don't have road access to yet


The Aerochute enables us to see the big picture of a project


Coming in to land the Aerochute is one of the safest air craft available as it can float down with its chute