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Excavators and Attachments


We have a range of excavators from 3 to 35 tonne
We have an extensive range of excavator attachments including: buckets, tree grabs (vertical and horizontal), groomers, rippers, shears (mechanical and hydraulic) and rakes.


Groomers are an excavator mounted flail mulching mower that can be mounted on excavators from 8 to 40 tonne.  

Groomers are best utilised in: 

  • Rough or steep terrain
  • Wet conditions
  • In hard to get to places
  • In and around trees
  • Along creeks, river banks and/or river crossings
  • Over fences
  • Along road verges
  • Up or down banks or batters. 

Groomers can mulch material up to 14 inches in diameter and work very effectively in conjunction with the Purpose Built Mulching Units. We utilise the groomer like a giant whipper snipper and the tractor mounted mulching unit as a ride-on mower.
Groomers can mulch an area of up to 2 hectares per day. As the excavator is restricted in performing so many cycles or functions per minute, it is physically impossible for these machines to clear any more area than this. Excavators should not be used to clear large flat areas as they are uneconomical in a broad acre sense.
Groomers have the capability to be able to reach in and around objects without damage to the surrounding environment, trees or to the vegetation that is to remain.
Sesi can offer a full range of groomers mounted onto 12 tonne, 15 tonne, 20 tonne, 25 tonne and 30 tonne excavators. 

Tree grabs 

The vertical extraction tree grab is an excavator mounted tree grab that can either pull the trees out of the ground roots-n-all with absolute minimal ground disturbance, or remove limbs or tops of trees by breaking them off.
Tree grabs can be utilised for: 

  • Removing large trees in new or existing corridors
  • Removing dead or dying trees
  • Selective clearing
  • Standing power poles or foundation poles
  • Willow or noxious tree removal in creeks or rivers
  • Removal of fruit/citrus trees
  • Widening existing corridors of fringe trees.

The tree grab has total control over the material that it handles, making it extremely safe in tight or restricted areas.
The tree grab can remove trees vertically from the ground with ease as the root system of the tree is not designed to withstand vertical forces.
The root system has been specifically developed to handle lateral or horizontal forces so therefore removing the tree vertically offers the area of least resistance.
A tree grab can remove a 20m tree in less than 60 seconds or it can break the top out and then remove the base within 90 seconds.
The tree grab can also be utilised to hold a tree whilst it is being cut by chainsaw and then lower the tree with total control to the ground.
Sesi can offer tree grabs mounted onto 20, 25 and 30 tonne excavators.
















Tree grab



Tree grab