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Grinders and Chippers


Tub Grinder

700 gallon working capacity tank covering 8,700-10,500 square feet per load
Clean, operator friendly design for the one-man, one-step process to seeding, fertilizing, and mulching
Optimum mixing capabilities featuring hydraulically controlled paddle agitation and liquid recirculation with convenient operator controls at both the front and rear of the unit
Large toolbox in the hitch perfect for storing hose and nozzles
FINN designed centrifugal pump driven by an in-line common shaft clutch with no high-cost maintenance couplings, drive belts or hydraulic components
Pump configuration dramatically increases output and operating pressure
Discharge distance up to 150 feet from end of the tower


The T75 HydroSeeder® is perfect for the mid-size hydroseeding projects on residential and commercial properties, cemeteries, sports fields, office complexes, golf courses, parks and more.
With the versatile T75 you can do professional quality hydroseeding, fiber mulching, fertilizing, straw tacking, foliar feeding, dust control, remote watering and a number of other efficient, cost effective and profitable applications. The T75 HydroSeeder® readily doubles as a first response firefighter, portable wash-down rig or mini water carrier. It also has the power to mix and apply a wide variety of liquid, powdered and solid consumables for landscape, soil building, erosion control, cleaning, and industrial uses.



We have available a 22inch 650hp whole tree chipper



Tub Grinder



Tub Grinder at work



Truck mounted whole tree chipping machine