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What our Mulchers do

The purpose built mulching units are mounted onto skid steer, agricultural based and/or purpose built prime movers , rubber tyred or tracked ranging from 100hp to 600hp. These machines can clear anywhere from 1/4 hectare to over 1 hectare per hour, depending on the terrain and the size of the material to be mulched.
These machines are utilised in: 

  • Power line clearing - transmission or distribution
  • Gas and oil pipeline clearing
  • Fibre optic or cable easements
  • Mulching invasive woody weeds - such as gorse, blackberry, chinee apple, lantana, prickly acacia, boxthorn, mimosa, etc.
  • Subdivisional clearing
  • Broad acre or sucker re-growth clearing in farming
  • Clearing of Railway Easements
  • Clearing fire breaks, fire trails, fuel reduction, understorey clearing for bush fire mitigation
  • Roadside clearing.


Each tractor mulching unit has full underbelly guarding, 4 way power tilt blade, bush rigging, rops/fops canopy, steel wire armour tyres, heavy duty forestry rims and 2-way radio communications.
Sesi operates the largest range of purpose built mulching units in Australia, we can offer machines from 100hp to 600hp tracked or rubber tyred in conjunction with large infield chippers, tub grinders or any other machine that may be required.
Sesi can offer a range of purpose built mulching units to suit different job requirements. We are the only company that can match the required horsepower or machine to each job to give the best cost savings to the end-user or to run 2 or 3 different size machines together, again to maximise the efficiency and produce the best results. We can easily mulch material from saplings up to 1.5m in diameter, green or dry timber.



Track mulchers 600hp



Tractor mulchers 300hp



Tractor mulchers 600hp



Tractor mulchers 190hp