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Rock Crushers

Introducing the "Rock Crusher"

Sesi is pleased to introduce the Rock Crusher. This machine is certainly one of the most advanced pieces of equipment available that is suitable to work in the most rugged, inhospitable and remote areas within Australasia.
This machine has been trialled extensively within Australia and it has been found to provide one of the most cost efficient methods for road building and maintenance that is available to date.
The Rock Crushers are a three point linkage tractor mounted unit that can crush material up to 400mm in diameter at a rate of 300 plus tonne per hour. The tractor can travel at speeds up to 50km per hour on the road, making travel between jobs cost efficient.
The Rock Crusher utilises a fixed hammer system on a drum, rotating clockwise, picking the rocks up and crushing them on a series of breaker bars strategically placed around the inside body of the Rock Crusher.
The Rock Crusher can crush material from 400mm down to approximately 20mm in one pass at a depth of 6 - 8 inches (150mm - 200mm) and at speeds of 0.2km to 2km per hour. The size of the rock can be regulated by the opening and closing of the tailgate. The grader blade can help tamper or smooth off the crushed material.
Sesi Pty Ltd utilise only Fendt tractors as they meet all requirements to utilise the Rock Crusher. The horsepower rating for these machines must be between 280hp and 310hp with ground speeds from 0.2km per hour. We have found the Fendt tractor to be the most reliable and cost efficient tractor available, which therefore enables these machines to work in very remote areas.
Rock or material can be ripped in situe, onsite and re-utilised eliminating the cost of purchasing rock and transport. Material can be carted in from the nearest point where the work is being performed. Roads can either be widened to create passing lanes, or corners can be widened as a source to obtain rock.
Alternatively rock can be sourced from borrow pits, rivers, roadside banks etc. In hilly or steep terrain, rock can also be sourced above or on the uphill side of the re-sheeting eliminating any uphill carts and ensuring the minimum cart of all rock or material to be utilised.