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Highways and Roading

Vegetation Clearing

The project represented in the below photos required clearing of vegetation over a 90m wide easement for a new highway.
In country with a gradient of up to 20 degrees, they are utilising the Fendt mulching package where they are clearing on an average of a quarter of a  hectare per hour.
The steep incline of this terrain means that the tractor has to reverse up the hill and then drive forward over the material performing a 1 cut pass.
The mulch left behind on this project will not wash away and will also prevent any future erosion as the mulch acts as an erosion mat or barrier.
In the steeper country we use excavators with mulching heads (Groomers); these can be fitted to excavators from 8 to 40 tonne.
On standard excavators these machines can work up to 30 degree hillsides or slopes.
On steeper country grooming heads can be fitted to forestry self-levelling harvesters or the Swedish spider excavators which can transverse slopes up to 45 degrees.
Sesi also own and operate tractor mounted rock crushers used for roading, road refurbishment or crushing rock.  


Skimming Roads - the rotor of our rock crusher is dropped into the road approximately 25mm-50mm and removes corrugations and any larger stone which is exposed. The rock crusher will crush the material to 20mm and then spread it evenly back out behind the machine using the grader blade.

Road Refurbishment - we crush approximately 100mm-200mm deep and refurbish and shape the road back to original condition, re-cycling the existing material.

Re-Sheeting - can be done by using the existing stone under the road base for material to build the road up, or we can cart material in from the closet borrow pit or quarry and spread on the road then mulch it. When re-sheeting we can also utilise any over sized material that has been pushed over the edge of the roads in the past by graders.



Tree Removal



Forestry Picture