Right People, Right Machines, Right Results


The team at Sesi are highly experienced in managing vegetation for pipeline right of ways, having been heavily invested in the Surat Basin Gas Fields, as well as performing the clearing for the Injune to Curtis Island Pipeline Project.

We also offer specialist arboriculturalist services for identification of plant and tree species, marking of commercial timber, climbing, limb removal of trees on access tracks, and plant and small tree relocation etc.

Our ground crew flag out and mark the right of way between KP points in such a way that it speeds up the overall operations and eliminates any incidents of machinery breaching the RoW boundaries. 

All areas of cultural or environmental significance, flood ways and creek crossings are flagged prior to the commencement of works to ensure these areas are managed in compliance with project plans and legislative requirements.

We have procedures in place to ensure any unmarked areas of significance, waterways, abnormalities or unforeseen cirmcumstances are reported and investigated prior to clearing. The success of your project is our priority, and to this end we take environmental, cultural and safety controls very seriously.