Right People, Right Machines, Right Results


Sesi is very fortunate to have on our staff one of the most recognised world leading experts in vegetation management.
Our in house consultant has earned his esteemed reputation during his 30 years involvement in vegetation management.
He has mainly consulted in Australia but has also done substantial varied and specialised consulting work abroad.
He has written many papers, presented at seminars and appeared on television, including but not limited to the following:
Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries NZ, Californian Horticultural Journal USA, Winter Between the Leaves Australian Horticulture, Totally Wild, Environmentally Sustainable Landscapes paper for Conference National Forests & Timber, New Zealand, Rehab Blab WA Department of Mines & Energy, Australian Arbour Age, Power Corridors on Vegetation Management, Power Transmission Distribution, Contractor Construction, Subdivisional Clearing of vegetation 7th Symposium Calgary Canada, Vegetation Management of Right-of-Ways
Some of his methodologies such as VOCs and standard work procedures have been adopted by some of our clients, including: Saipem, Energex, Ergon energy and others.
Our expert consultant also has comprehensive knowledge and experience in bio-mass feedstock crops and renewable energy.
He has also been involved in developing fluidised bed biomass 5mw and 10mw power stations.

What is the outcome you desire?

That is the first question our consultant will ask.
We will listen to you and work with you by asking the relevant questions to obtain as much detail as possible so as to work out the best method to meet your expectations.
We value our clients and see our relationship as not just client/supplier but as partners working toward a common goal.

How can we help you achieve your goal?

Whether you have contracted us to do your project for you or you just want stand-alone advice on some or all aspects of your project,
Our consultant can scope the site of your project, collect and analyse data, then he will prioritise your project from one to five, depending on vegetation growth, seasonal hazards etc.
He can advise you on the timelines required at each step. He will recommend the right machines, systems and methodologies that are best for your project, resulting in a cost savings to us which are passed on to you.
He can also advise you on: 

  • Short and long term management of your vegetation in existing corridors, forestry and agriculture. 
  • Estimate a budget so you have an idea of the cost of your vegetation management project. 
  • Fire and flood mitigation and/or prevention. 
  • Soil improvement and controlling soil erosion. 
  • Revegetation. 
  • Construction and maintenance of gravel roads and access tracks.

Our consultant also has broad experience and knowledge in biomass power generation, feed stocks and growing crops for feed stocks.